Parker is practicing individually and collectively in any environment, not just in urban areas. Each trainee decides what proportion they ought to be involved in their training and the way to specialise in it. It covers its practice consistent with the environment to beat the various obstacles on a tour, the one that makes the foremost use of it’s Irene Camino Panatero

It was created in France, initially by Raymond Belle and later by his son David Belle and a gaggle of his friends, referred to as Yamakasi within the late 1980s. This discipline became popular within the late 1990s and early 2000s. because of movies, documentaries and television commercials featuring Yamagashi.

It differs within the purposes of independent and ADD. This includes non-competitive activity.


The word originates from the Parkours du Combatant (Parkours means French), the classic obstacle utilized in the military exercise proposed by Georges Hebert.

Raymond Belle coined the term Ray Balmours to hide all exercises including climbing, jumping, running, balance and other methods he utilized in his personal athletic progression. His son, David, developed his father’s methods and achieved success as a movie expert. at some point he showed his video Man Eyre Speed to Hubert Kound during a shooting set. Gunday suggested changing the “C” of the Parkours to “K” because it’s stronger and more dynamic, and within the same way he proposed to eliminate the ultimate “weed” at the top of the creation of the present Parkour period. PK characters are often used abbreviated.


The Parkour practitioner is named Tracerur if he’s a person , or if he’s a lady , the words derived from the French verb tracer. To translate the act of finding or taking a tour, they’re translated into conspiracy and conspiracy. it’s noteworthy that the term was originally the name of 1 of the primary groups of coaches to be coined by David Belle, Sebastian Falcon and Stephen Wigrooks. Since then it’s been used because the definition of a parkour coach.

An RT (Tracers or Tracias Meeting) may be a hangout where park practitioners practice together. On the opposite hand, an Electoral Commission (Joint Training) may be a training on traces or traces that have established objectives and guidelines that emphasize the fitness .

Also referred to as Parkour Displacement Art (ADD). The name given by the Yamakashi group for this discipline.

The motto is “to be French and be the last:” “etre tourer” derives from the natural system of “retre forte pour être utile”, which suggests “be strong to be effective””.


In the uk , Sebastian Foken used the term freelancing to ask Parkour, although later the name was wont to ask morality, whose purpose was to look for the sweetness of movement.

Georges Hebert

The forerunner of the park in Western Europe was Georges Hebert, a French military officer who promoted a series of athletic skills supported observing the indigenous tribes he encountered in Africa before war I. Hebert remarked: “Their bodies were wonderful, resilient, energetic, efficient, precise and resistant. There was no gymnastic coach quite their lives in nature.” As a politician of the French Navy, Hebert was assigned to the village of St. Pierre in Martinique. In 1902 a catastrophic eruption erupted and Hebert bravely combined the evacuation and rescue of about seven hundred people. This experience had a profound impact on him and strengthened his belief that athletic ability should be combined with courage and virtue. He developed this protocol in his phrase: “Pour the Edre line” – “Be strong to be useful”.

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